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Conscious Dance

Movement Sanctuary Comox Valley

Beach Party

What is it?

Movement Sanctuary is a lightly facilitated, deeply held exploration of free-style, Conscious Dance. We offer an opportunity to dive into your body and soul, listen with reverence, and flow authentically. This is a practice of presence, self-inquiry, creative-expression, community-connection and healing.

We will share a beautiful wave of music for you to slowly and safely arrive, soften-in, expand, & explore a journey that we hope will leave your nervous system feeling soothed, happy and regulated. You will be supported with somatic explorations, while listening to your body's needs and desires.

For adults, Age 18+ Every-body Welcome. No experience necessary.

$15-20 sliding scale (cash only) No one turned away for lack of funds

Please arrive as close to start time as possible so we can warm up together🙂

A bit about us and what we bring to the dance floor:

For over 15 years Melanie has had the honor of serving highly-sensitive, empathic spiritual seekers through her passions for massage, energy medicine and dance rituals. She is an experienced massage, QiGong & Tantra practitioner, ecstatic dancer and witchy ceremonialist.

She invites you to show up with intention, play wildly and to be open and curious to what kind of magic we co-create!

Melanie is currently taking the Kundalini Dance teacher training program with Master teacher Layolah Antara. 

This spiritual dance practice is based on a foundation of Tantric Shamanic Alchemical Healing Arts. 

It's a very intentional form of ecstatic dance, where you are guided on a journey through the Chakras. To balance, harmonize, and align all your bodies, (physical, mental, emotional, etheric, spiritual.) with your soul essence and purpose.

Through the Kundalini Dance alchemy practices one can transform any ancestoral or karmic beliefs that hold them back from shining as an embodied sovereign heart centered leader. 

Kaili is a certified facilitator of Open Floor a Conscious Dance practice that grew out of the 5 Rhythms, Somatic Psychotherapy & the universal language of dance. She holds a BFA in Contemporary Dance and is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner (BCST). Kaili place's a strong importance on creating a safe, kind, and compassionate container for people to show up as they are, for a depth of authentic expression and embodied exploration to take place.

We ask that you take care of yourself and others, stay home if you are sick. If you are well and want to join and wear a mask, do if that feels good and right to you.

Land Acknowledgement:

We respectfully acknowledge that the land we gather on is on the Unceded Traditional Territory of the K’ómoks First Nation. Our intention is to donate 10% of profit to support Indigenous and Environmental groups.

Dance Floor Guidelines:

+Take care of yourself and respect others and the space.

+The dance floor is a no-talking zone.

+Consent -Enjoy your own personal dance or enjoy movement with others, if there is mutual agreement. Tune into their body language and eye contact that will clearly give you a yes or no. At any time you or the person may choose to end the encounter by moving away, or bowing with hands in prayer.

+Please go barefoot or wear only indoor shoes or sneakers in the dance space. 

Session 1

Cleanse and activate your energy body; clear traumatic events that may have caused you to become cut off from your intuition, your divine guidance and helpers. Create an energetic sanctuary where you can rest and recharge at night.

Session 2

Cultivate a daily practice to help you upgrade your energy body and activate your life force by connecting with your 3 basic energy channels; grounding into Mother Earth, connecting with your Higher Self, and centering in your Heart.

Session 3

Merging with your Higher self, calling in your Soul, realign with your Sovereignty.

Activate your inner potential & connect with your soul family, your vibration will attract those aligned with your soul purpose.

Session 4

Connect with your first spirit guide, it can be a spirit animal, angel, and ascended master or a star being. Establish a code to communicate with them and receive a special gift from them. Pineal gland activation.

Session 5

Creating an energy daily practice: Claiming your energy field and the energy of your home. Activating the energy of your sacred space, protecting your energy and the energy of your home/office/healing space.

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