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Wave Bodywork

Step Into Your Power

A 5-Session Energy Healing Program

5 x 90 min. @ $550 

Session 1

Cleanse and activate your energy body; clear traumatic events that may have caused you to become cut off from your intuition, your divine guidance and helpers. Create an energetic sanctuary where you can rest and recharge at night.

Session 2

Cultivate a daily practice to help you upgrade your energy body and activate your life force by connecting with your 3 basic energy channels; grounding into Mother Earth, connecting with your Higher Self, and centering in your Heart.

Session 3

Merging with your Higher self, calling in your Soul, realign with your Sovereignty.

Activate your inner potential & connect with your soul family, your vibration will attract those aligned with your soul purpose.

Session 4

Connect with your first spirit guide, it can be a spirit animal, angel, and ascended master or a star being. Establish a code to communicate with them and receive a special gift from them. Pineal gland activation.

Session 5

Creating an energy daily practice: Claiming your energy field and the energy of your home. Activating the energy of your sacred space, protecting your energy and the energy of your home/office/healing space.

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