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Masculine & Feminine Energies

Practicing the embodiment of masculine and feminine energies within ourselves is so important to feel whole and empowered. That's an invitation that I extend to you during our healing sessions. To practice being an active & conscious receiver, through your breath and your focused attention. Here is what Marianne Williamson has to share about feminine and masculine part of the self, in her beautiful book: "Return to love": " We've basically been thought that it's our job as responsible adults to be active, to be masculine in nature-to go out and get the job, to take control of our lives, to take the bull by the horns. We've been taught that that's our power. We think we're powerful because of what we achieved rather than because of what we are. Se we're caught in a catch-22: we feel powerless to achieve until we already have. If somebody comes along and suggests that we go with the flow, maybe lighten up a little, we really feel hysterical. After all, we're total underachievers as is, as far as we can see. The last thing we can imagine doing is becoming any more passive than we already are. Passive energy has its own kind of strength. Personal power results from a balance of masculine and feminine forces. Passive energy without active energy becomes lazy, but active energy with our passive energy becomes tyrannous. An overdose of male, aggressive energy is macho, controlling, unbalanced, and unnatural. The problem is that aggressive energy is what we've been taught to respect. We've been taught that life was made for quarterbacks so we exalt our masculine consciousness, which, when untempered by the feminine, is hard. Therefore, so are we-all of us, men and women. We've crafted a fight mentality. We're always fighting for something: for the job, the money, the relationship, to get to the next relationship, to lose the weight, to get sober, to get them to understand, to get them to stay, to get them to leave, and on and on. We never put away our swords. The feminine, surrendered place in us is passive. It doesn't 'do' anything. The spiritualization process-in men as well as women-is a feminization process, a quieting of the mind. It is the cultivation of personal magnetism. If you have a pile of iron shavings and you want to arrange them in beautiful patterns, you can do one of two things. You can use your fingers and try to arrange the tiny pieces of iron into beautiful, gossamer lines-or you can buy a magnet. The magnet will attract the iron shavings. It symbolizes our feminine consciousness, which exerts its power through attraction rather than activity. This attractive, receptive, feminine aspect of our consciousness is the space of mental surrender. In Taoist philosophy, "yin" is the feminine principle, representing the forces of the earth, while"yang" is the masculine principle, representing spirit. When God is referred to as "He", then all mankind becomes a "She". This isn't a man-woman issue. Reference to God as masculine principle in no way impinges on feminist conviction. Our feminine self is just as important as our masculine. The right relationship between male and female principle is one in which the feminine surrenders to the masculine. Surrender is not weakness or loss. It is a powerful nonresistance. Through openness and receptivity on the part of the human consciousness, spirit is allowed to infuse our lives, to give them meaning and direction. Through a mystical connection between the human and the divine, we give birth to our higher Self."

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