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Living with Intention

~Self Care Tip~

One of my Self Care practices that helps me to stay in my heart and live a peaceful life is to live with intention. Prayer is a very powerful tool that keeps my mind on track, it helps me be conscious of the stories I feed myself all day.

Prayer helps me stay out of my unconscious judgmental, blaming patterns so I can stay present in the moment and the task at hand. Some times are more challenging than others, for example: this Month we are in Eclipse season and Mercury just went Retrograde and will stay there until September. The stars have a big influence on us, and I personally like to always have a sense of what is happening astrologically so I can gain some perspective on what is showing up in my inner world. ~Let's explore the rich beauty that can only be found in the contrasts.~

That's what Mercury teaches us when she Goes Retrograde – I want to share my personal prayer for this Month: "I am not my thoughts. My mind is only there to show me what needs to be addressed, to be healed. I choose to be the detached observer and to spend time journaling and in meditation. I am mindful with my words and I choose not to waste my energy in blaming myself or my loved ones. This is an opportunity to learn about my shadow self, and all those hard to love places that I know only exist within me. It's time to sit with my inner demons and really have a listen... What are they trying to say? What do I need to face at this time? I choose to show up. I am willing to learn & grow, so that I may know myself better, so I can better serve the world. Blessed be!" For more information about Mercury Retrograde, check out this enlightening article, by Astro Butterfly (www.Astro

Mercury Goes Retrograde – How Not Only to Survive, But to Thrive During the Next 3 Weeks of Mercury Retrograde

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