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intuitive massage
in Courtenay, BC

Intuitive Bodywork & Energy Healing

Wave Body work

empathic energy healing
pregnancy massage
past life healing
highly sensitive
sacred space

Lomi Lomi


Lomilomi is much more than a massage modality, it's a body mind spirit ritual.  It relaxes, invigorates, purifies, nourishes and restores your sense of wholeness and connection to your heart and soul.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a deeply healing and relaxing, alternative ancient Chinese traditional foot massage originating on the belief that the feet are intricately connected to specific organs and body systems. 




I use pregnancy pillows for your comfort. A luxurious treatment that reduces swollen, painful legs and feet, reduces muscle cramps and back pain, and helps you sleep better.  

Deep Flow


Muscle recovery massage. A therapeutic medium pressure massage, that is also very relaxing.

An alignment-based approach that focuses on releasing your physical and emotional stress.

Peaceful Mind


A deeply relaxing massage that will release tensions in your back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It's designed to quiet the mind and help you feel peaceful, nourished, clear-headed, centred and safe. 

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