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Melanie Requet

Empowering women to create more freedom in their Body-Mind & Spirit

"My aim is to create a safe and sacred space where the nervous system can unwind, physical tensions can be released, the heart can open and the soul remembers home. 

I wish to help women to reconnect with themselves, to feel whole, to feel at home in their body." 

A Bit About Me

I am a massage practitioner & energy healer. I am devoted to helping others to reclaim their sovereign bodies: physical, emotional, and energetic.

I have travelled the world to seek out traditional massage teachings. I have received over 3 thousand hours of training, and I have been practicing massage full time for 16 years. I feel blessed to have found my vocation. 


As a trauma survivor myself, I know how important it is for women to feel truly safe in order to be able to heal. It is from a trauma-informed place that I now specialize in holding sacred space for women of all ages and backgrounds. My aim is to help them remember who they came here to be and how divine and empowering it feels to come home to their natural body, both innocent and wild. ​My satisfied clients include babies, children, teens, pregnant mothers, women of all ages and stages. 

I specialize in holding space for therapists, healers, and care takers that are looking for a sacred space to fully surrender and be held with skill, sensitivity, and care. 

I use mindful presence, energy healing and body-reading skills during my sessions. I listen with my hands, allowing my intuition to guide my massage. My intention is to create a deeply connected, nurturing experience where muscular tension is released, and the nervous system is soothed.


My personal journey into bodywork has been profoundly healing and enlightening, and I am as inspired as ever to explore how bodywork deepens our connection to our body, soul, and spirit. I am a passionate about self care and maintain my own practices in meditation, energy healing, Qi Gong and conscious dance.

I am committed to a lifelong journey of doing the work necessary and using my place of privilege to support a world that is safer, gentler, and more loving.

I respectfully acknowledge that the land that I live, work and play on is the Unceded Traditional Territory of the K’omoks Nation. I give thanks to the keepers of these lands, in spirit and in the flesh, past and present and to all of creation who nourishes this land. Thank You. May the steps I walk on this sacred earth be in peace. May I cultivate a loving and kind relationship with all sentient life. 

Professional Development


Melanie is a graduate of the Vancouver School of Healing Arts, where she studied Deep-Flow, Swedish, Reflexology, Deep-tissue, Shiatsu and pregnancy massages.


She completed her Level I & II Reiki Usui in France and travelled to India for a Month immersion in studies in Ayurvedic massage therapies & medicine.



She graduated from the Spa Therapy Program at the Steiner Training Academy in London, England, where she studied the art of Facials, Body Wraps, Scrubs, Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Therapy. 

2011 to 2013

She completed the folowing Deep Flow trainings: Level II, Restorative Bodywork and Foundations teacher training. Studying Myofascial Release Therapy, Structural Alignment, Restorative Yoga Therapy, Breathwork and Mindfulness Meditation principles. 


2013 to 2019 

Mystery School, in depth studies in Energy & Shamanic Healing, Meditation, Vibrational Psychology and Ancient Energy Systems with Training In Power Academy. 



Lomi Lomi Massage, Heartworks and Temple Style, apprenticeship in traditional Hawaian lomilomi massage & shamanic energy healing arts. With the Shamanic Bodywork academy, in Kauai, Hawaii.


200 hr. training in Tao Healing Arts for Women in Bali, Indonesia. Focus on facilitating QiGong classes, women's circles, sacred rituals and private woman empowerment sessions. 



Took the Qigong Teacher Training in Nelson, BC. with Master Minke De Vos of Common Grounds, Studied QiGong and traditional shamanic Chinese energy healing medicine. Following the lineage of Master Mantak Chia and the Universal Healing Tao System.



Currently in the Kundalini Dance teacher training program with Master teacher Layolah Antara. 

This spiritual dance practice is based on a foundation of Shamanic Alchemical Healing Arts. 

It's a very intentional form of ecstatic dance, where you are guided on a journey through the Chakras. To balance, harmonize, and align all your bodies, (physical, mental, emotional, ethereal, spiritual.) with your soul essence and purpose.

Through the Kundalini Dance alchemy practices one can transform any ancestral or karmic beliefs that hold them back from shining as an embodied sovereign feminine leader. 


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