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With deep gratitude to Melanie Requet for creating healing space and magic. Her bodywork is truly a gift and I can highly recommend her as a practitioner. Her new addition to her offering is Lomi Lomi which I just experienced this morning... profound insights and openings in my body and heart... THANK YOU!

Bettina Rothe 

Melanie Requet has a bounty of skills, compassion, heart- centered presence and light to call in powerful healing energy.

I easily relax and rest in trust as her hands clear that which needs to leave my body-mind-spirit.

Then she opens me up to invite a deep healing love and presence from my own spirit helpers, in addition to those who work alongside her.

Felt like a true Goddess, nurtured, awakened and enlivened.

Would not hesitate to recommend her to any women I meet.

Marcia Wakarchuk Jones 

I was fortunate enough to see Melanie for bodywork throughout my whole pregnancy. She has such a caring and loving touch and understanding of the body which create the perfect combination for deep healing. She is also highly intuitive and was able to develop such a great connection with the baby which really helped in every session. I visited her when I found out my baby was breech and I am sure she had much to do in helping the baby turn on its own even in the later weeks of my pregnancy. She is an amazing healer and I am so grateful that I had her support me through this magical journey. As a client and a doula I highly recommend visiting her during pregnancy, she will make the experience so much more enjoyable!

Andrea Terrones 

I had the most wonderful Lomi Lomi massage with Melanie. The experience started with the warm welcome and stepping into her inviting sanctuary. Healing touch can be a positively powerful exchange of energy, and through her work, Melanie is generous, kind, mindful, and holds space for your needs in a connected and holistic way, mind, body and soul. It’s clearly her gift and calling, among other related areas too I’m certain. What I felt and experienced lasted the week, and was much more than deep release and relaxation. I feel I received a gift from her and spirit that continues to propel me with renewed and joyful energy. Such a personalized experience. Every woman would benefit from this act of self love. Thanks Melanie!

Michelle Villarosa 

Melanie welcomed me into a warm, radiant, sacred space. Our session went beyond massage. I felt the release of pain that was more than physical.

Her capacity to hold space was tremendous. What an amazing treatment. My body feels re-alligned and rejuvenated, and *strong*!

Mel Cassidy 

I felt so safe, cared for, and supported in my healing journey. Floating on a bliss cloud while letting go of stress & worries. For a sacred spa experience that is above and beyond, integrating the living soul, feeling heart, and mental health... all through beautiful compassionate flowing attention of the body temple: this is it, sisters! Queen up your life with regular sessions by Melanie.

Eau-Vive Roulleau 


Melanie is truly a gifted healer. I had the pleasure to meeting her for a Lomi Lomi massage in her beautiful space in Kitsilano. Melanie has a very warm and kind spirit and I felt at ease for the all length of the visit. She gave me some intuitive insights that were spot on and the massage was wonderful and very relaxing. I left feeling light and rejuvenated, like some heavy load had been lifted away. I highly recommend Melanie, and I'll be back for sure!

Barbara Tili


Melanie is a colleague of mine who I have done a number of bodywork studies with and today was the first time I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a complete treatment from her. I was able to book in with her upon returning from travels and amidst a lot of growth and changes in my personal life. I knew I needed some nurturing and I needed it from a skilled professional and what I received from her was exactly that. As a fellow bodywork professional it is safe for me to say that Melanie is an absolute gift to our line of practice. Her touch, her space and her presence are MAGIC. Thank you Melanie!

Stacey Lynn 


Wherever I travel, I seek a massage with "that magical touch"... one that moves so much more than physical tension alone... one that sweeps the energy field, tingles the senses and uplifts the spirit. It's rare to find this... so very rare. Yet I have definitely found this with Melanie. I did a 2 hour Lomilomi session today, and it was Amazing! Truly. If you seek a deeper massage experience, look no further. Melanie is Magical.

Stephanie Drapeau. 

Melanie provides a style of massage that is profoundly soothing with an exquisite sense of connection. Very intuitive, she goes above and beyond to create a safe and beautiful space for your healing. She is unusually gifted and I recommend her heartily!

Deb Chaney 

Melanie has the healing touch. She brings a sense of nurturing presence to her work that you don't see in a lot of massage therapist and bodyworkers. She can read in my body and energy and offers me exactly what I need in the moment. Plus, she creates a safe and beautiful space to just relax and renew yourself completely. I highly recommend her!

Carla Rieger 

If you ask me, Melanie is an absolute natural when it comes to massage.It feels like it simply in her nature to give caring, nurturing, healing, calming touch. Her hands seem to be “guided”. I always feel like my being can completely relax into her touch. I trust her hands completely.

​Jelena Marda 

A session with Melanie is so much more than a massage. It's a full body, soul, and heart treatment, a place to relax and be present to enjoy every bit of sensory delight. I love the Lomi Lomi massage and recommend taking the time necessary for a full body treatment. It's amazing! I feel renewed when I leave and so relaxed. A big part of that is how supported I feel in her care. Highly recommended!

Tracey Conn

I highly recommend bodywork with Melanie Requet. Her style is actually body/mind/spirit combination. Sessions with her are pure bliss. She is a wonderful healer, tuned in, holding space for her clients and sensing what's work best in the moment. What a treat!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Hila Russ-Woodland

Blissed out after the most delicious massage from Melanie Requet. When a practitioner does their inner work, it comes through in their outer work. She is a committed, deep, loving soul you'll want to experience. Merci Melanie!

Damiani Sekoulidis 

"Bliss goddess." Thank you thank you dear Melanie of Wave Bodywork for a delicious session. My body was in bliss, the laughter ran freely, and I was buzzing with beautiful energy for hours afterwards. You are a gift. 

​Daniella Weber


Melanie gave me the most relaxing massage experience I have ever had. She had me focus on my breath during the massage to get the most out of the benefits. Melanie is passionate about her work and it shows. I was so relaxed afterwards and will definitely be visiting her again and referring some pals. A+++++!

Shannon L. 


Ohhh my goodness! That massage was HEAVENLY! Melanie is amazing. So supportive. So tuned in. So full of love and integrity. Possibly the very best massage of my life. I can't wait to go back. Thank you!

Katelyn E.


I was not feeling great the day of my massage. Melanie worked her magic on my head and scalp as part of the massage. Sheer bliss. She is a kind, compassionate healer.

Sandra S.​

Thank you so much for the wonderful session! I feel fabulous on all levels and will definitely come see you again. You have such a loving, wise and safe energy about you tempered with gentleness and groundedness. I could tell I could trust you energetically and was able to open and unveil my energy field deeper than I can usually when receiving bodywork. It makes for amazing healing potential! So thank you!

Joy Cozens 

When I have a massage with Melanie, I feel like my whole being is gently held and supported. Melanie creates an experience that delights all the senses, her skilled healing touch, her essential oils, her calming music, her sacred space. Thank you Melanie for the healing you offer through your memorable massage.

Cindy Thomas RMT

Wow .. that was not just a massage I experienced with Melanie, it was a healing journey into depth. Thank you for your sensitivity, insight and skill.  Wendy Demos 

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