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'You can't change what you can't feel'~ Irene Lyon~

Healing is the only way for me, personally, I live to feel aligned with my soul, my purpose. Healing means feeling A LOT at times. Gabby Bernstein says in her last book, The Universe has your back: “The presence of fear within you will do whatever it takes to keep you stuck in pain & darkness. This fear is the root cause of all your problems & feelings of disconnect. To truly say yes to the love of the Universe means you have to look at your resistance & give up a thought system that you mistakenly identified as safety, security, and the foundation of your life. Universal lesson: ~To be free we must acknowledge our resistance~ “ Because I choose to go to the other side of fear, I must go through the fear & it’s not like ‘jumping across a fire’. You better get use to the heat! Because sometimes you're going live there for a while! … I’ve been there for a while, grieving and befriending my fears… I realize that the more light I invite in my life, the more light is shining on my fear, shame, anger, resentment… I am not complaining, it is what it is & it is what I consciously choose, I choose to do the work. And yes, sometimes; like right now, life feels like hard work! But I am grateful, for the most important lesson I have learned on my journey is that: I am not alone! Life supports me with all the guidance & resources I need…. I have guides, my teachers who are powerful, knowledgable, passionate. This Month exploring the YIN & the YANG energies. With Minke de Vos, for the 8 Week Tao Tantric Arts training. Healing with Qigong, jade egg & breast massage practices. Next Month, exploring the darkness, dancing in the sacred fire with the fierce Teressa Campbell, at her Dance of the Dark Goddess workshop, she says: ”We must move into darker places if we are to find the wisdom we so desperately need.” I feel so grateful that I dare to reach out, I dare to ask for help, for guidance… And those amazing teachers show up to guide me! Even in the darkest of places I am not alone! And neither are you! Love will prevail, Melanie

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