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~~~ HEAD RELAX MASSAGE ~~~ Head relax massage is a treatment the focuses on the back, the shoulders neck and head. It's designed to help you feel relaxed, nourished, centered, grounded and safe to be in your body. I combine different modalities and techniques here: I will massage your marma points (reflexology for the face and skalp) to turn off your brain chatter and help you access deep peace within, like in the Ayurvedic head massage. I will release the tensions in your neck and jaw using the Cranio Sacral gentle approach. I will nourish deeply your nervous system and take care of any stiffness in your back when I'll use the soothing moves from Deep Flow massage. To make your experience even more luxurious, I will create an essential oil blend just for you. This treatment can be done in 1hr, or 90min if you want me to add some reflexology on your hands and feet... Be prepared to have the best sleep of your life after the ultimate zen massage experience!


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